Lodge is Destination for Much More Than Fishing

Lodge is Destination for Much More Than Fishing

The mighty salmon is an enticing lure to our guests at the lodge. This legendary […]

Getting Here is Part of the Fun

Part of the allure of staying at a British Columbia fishing lodge is the remoteness […]

Hooking a Coho Means Readying for a Fight

The silver skin is a dead giveaway that your quarry is a Coho salmon. It […]

Here’s What You’re Fishing for at the Lodge

The lodge is finally open it is time to make your fishing plans. We’ve got […]

Chum Salmon’s Combative Nature Makes for an Unforgettable Fishing Experience

Chum salmon tend to take a back seat to the other species we find around […]

New Chef Drew Noble Brings Bright Menu This Season

Drew Noble is once again in the kitchen, creating menus, collaborating with a team and […]

Our New Lodge Awaits Your Visit

The lodge started as a single remote residence that gave the owners a secluded outpost […]

Fisherman catching a fish

How to Plan a Fishing Trip

There’s nothing quite like a good, old-fashioned fishing trip. Not only is it relaxing to […]